Develop a Virtual Assistant with IBM Watson and .NET Core on IBM Cloud Code Engine-Part 2

The Virtual Assistant

Provision a Watson Assistant service instance on IBM Cloud

Watson Assistant Plus Trial plan
Instance of Watson Assistant with Plus Trial plan
Watson Assistant — Assistants

Build the virtual assistant with a Dialog skill and Intents

Watson Assistant skills
Add a dialog skill to your virtual assistant
Virtual Assistant with a dialog skill
New Bank Virtual Assistant dialog skill
Create #reportLostCard intent
Examples for lost card intent
User examples for #whatProductsAndServices intent
New Bank dialog skill with two intents
New Bank virtual assistant dialog
#reportLostCard dialog node
#whatProductsAndServices dialog node
Test your virtual assistant

Integrate the Watson Assistant widget with the website

Web chat options
Script to embed the assistant on the website
Script code from Watson Assistant copied in _Layout.csthml
Local test of the Web Chat
Website with integrated widget running locally

Generate the new docker image and deploy it to IBM Cloud Code Engine

Publish folder
Deploy application image to IBM Cloud Code Engine
Runtime settings for application running on IBM Cloud Code Engine
IBM Code Engine Application URL
Published website with Watson Virtual Assistant

Software Solutions Architect with focus on Cloud and AI technologies

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Jean Paul Tabja

Jean Paul Tabja

Software Solutions Architect with focus on Cloud and AI technologies

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