• Xavier Gutierrez

    Xavier Gutierrez

    Master of Information Technology Management from La Salle Business Engineering School (Barcelona, Spain) and ESAN Graduate School of Business (Lima, Perú).

  • Ale


  • Renzo Molina Barbagelata

    Renzo Molina Barbagelata

  • Jaydeep Patil

    Jaydeep Patil

    Full Stack Developer | .Net Core API | Angular | SQL Server | Docker | Azure | Python

  • Ahmed Tarek

    Ahmed Tarek

    Software Engineer blogs about .NET and JavaScript 😉 Follow me on Twitter @AhmedTarekHasa1, and LinkedIn @atarekhasan. About Me: https://bit.ly/3f1JJrl

  • Mauricio Sougarret

    Mauricio Sougarret

  • Miguel Salazar

    Miguel Salazar

    Negocios digitales , innovación y marketing

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