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  • Changhui Xu

    Changhui Xu

    Senior Application Developer. MBA. I write blogs about .NET, Angular, JavaScript/TypeScript, Docker, AWS, DDD, and many others.

  • Jeremy Buisson

    Jeremy Buisson

    API Developer Experience — Staff Lead

  • Matthew Harper

    Matthew Harper

    Director, Software Engineering @ Trimble Maps

  • Manish Chitre

    Manish Chitre

    Chat Bot Developer | Tech Enthusiast | Traveller | Loves Yoga & Mindfullness

  • Gonzalo Alcaraz

    Gonzalo Alcaraz

    Software Engineer @SOUTHWORKS. Runner. Mountaineer. Formerly, hardware & embedded systems designer (still got it though!).

  • Kieran Gillibrand

    Kieran Gillibrand

    Software Developer. Drum and Bass Specialist. Chief Emoji Officer

  • Kenan Begić

    Kenan Begić

    ASP.NET Core/MVC, MSSQL, JAVA, Android, iOS(Swift), libGDX, XMPP, WebRTC, Smack

  • Milu Molleda

    Milu Molleda

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